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Counselor's Corner

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Mission Statement

The United Independent School District Guidance and Counseling department’s mission is to implement a comprehensive school counseling program to promote student success through academic achievement, promote prevention and intervention activities to provide a safe and nurturing environment, provide social/emotional and career development and increase student’s admittance and success in institutions of higher learning.

Services the LBV Counseling Department provides are listed below, please never hesitate to come to us first if you have a question or need direction. We are here to support you in anyway we can.

Social and Emotional support:

Whether it is a conflict with a friend, anxiety about coursework, or a death in the family, the LBV counselors are here to support students and families with various needs.

Responsive services:

Students in crisis can seek support through the Counseling Office and counselors will work with families to provide the appropriate resources based on individual cases.

Providing resources: 

The answer may not always be at the school, but we can direct families and students to outside resources that may provide additional support.

Future High School and Career Planning: 

Counselors will meet with their students each year to focus on current goals to keep students on track for success. We ask that parents view their child's Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) if you receive this form from your counselor and discuss it with our child as part of their student progress and future academic goals.

Academic planning:

Counselors continually meet with each student throughout the school year to plan for the following school year.

Please do not hesitate to contact your LBV school counselors:

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. M-F

Maria Ramon: Counselor Secretary 

Rebecca Ramirez6th grade and 7th grade A-L Counselor

Ms. Mireya Montemayor: 8th grade and 7th grade M-Z Counselor

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